Need for Speed: Rivals

Nineteen years have passed since the release of the first installment of the game that has become the driving arcade par excellence. Since then many studies have been those who worked to bring us the annual delivery of Need for Speed among the other Black Box, Criterion Games or Slightly Mad Studios. After both creators change Ghost Games has now taken the witness, and he has brought us a very interesting debut game. Let’s see why.


Whenever we start to play, we must decide if we want to get into the skin of Zephyr, a runner who dreams of becoming famous hanging his Follies on YouTube or on the of a police officer recently expelled from the body by the excessive violence used in their arrests, returned to his position by the FBI.

You can switch from one to another to our choice, with cars, testing and even game mechanics different on each side of the law. No, the history it’s no wonder, and at times will we hate to Zephyr, the character that we ourselves play, but when imported history in a Need for Speed?

What really matters in a Need for Speed are their cars and their roads, Rivals stands out in this regard. The game takes place in Redview County, an imaginary place created by the people of Ghost Games but based in California. Redview has a perfect terrain to accommodate the various tests and competitions that fill your map. The place is filled with shortcuts, jumps and areas where the skid, so that we can go from point A to point B in the most crazy and striking manner possible, without becoming bored.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Watch trailer for Assassin’s Crees IV: BlackFlag

The time to deal with the analysis of Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag, one of the most anticipated titles of the year  for a video games analyst. Are the adventures of Edward Kenway sufficiently bright to get the open war between assassins and Templars continue to improve year after year? Under the seen in the previous installment, Assassin c Creed 3, can give the impression that Ubisoft are running out of ideas, however after spending countless hours in the seas of the Caribbean, we can say that you it’s a journey that is worth making.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Role that marked time.
The legendary Baldur completo Gate II returns to life 13 years after mark time that is, for many, the best adventure of role of history. An immeasurable classic we receive now in a new edition that adds few new features and improvements in weight, but which preserves its splendor.
Baldur complete Gate II is a masterpiece that will no longer make. A surprisingly complex game that 13 years after its inception, continues to be one of the major references in the genre of the adventures of role. EPIC, exciting, with an argument of órdago and infinitely playable everything you say will be little compared to what it deserves to this classic of BioWare. So get in these times an improved edition of his only it can bring joy, right?
Well Yes and no. Because how you already took place almost a year ago with the launch of the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate, the Beamdog team has returned to stay halfway, providing interesting news that no doubt will satisfy the loyal fans who already enjoyed at the time of the original, but at the same time, with very few improvements in weight that would justify the high price that has been on sale. Obviously, the game itself is splendid, that nobody can put it in doubt; but the truth is that the lack of ambition of its new managers away it from perfection bordering Yes the original more than one decade ago.

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X Rebirth

I admit that I am not a fan of simulators, they are the type that are, with a few exceptions, but in any case some other saga know even though never never has tested it by not attracting me theme (unlike its atmosphere, which excites me if it develops in space), and one of them is that of the X universe created by Egosoft. With several deliveries for Mac and PC at your back presents, together with Publisher Deep Silver, a new chapter, in time for PC, entitled ‘X Rebirth’, ensure that the classic space Simulator reinvents itself as never before seen.

There will be several innovations in game mechanics without compromising its origins. In ‘X Rebirth’ it will be much easier to start playing, but it will retain all the depth expected the usual saga: fighting space full of action, detailed commercial mechanical and scan at high speed are some of their identity to all who wish to be engaged in this universe for hours.

“In the future, the X-universe faces a period of profound and irreversible changes. Players can enjoy countless adventures while the vague universe toward an uncertain future and new enemies try to gain power. A young adventurer and his strange ally travel in an old spaceship with a glorious past; two lonely people who will play a key role in the events that will happen in the Galaxy. The fate of the universe is in the hands of the player…”

‘ Watch this trailer.

Samsung Promises to “Completely Foldable” Screens And An Improved Galaxy Gear

Samsung has announced that it will launch “fold-flat screens” in the year 2015. This technology will also be integrated into ‘smartphones’, ‘tablets’ and ‘wearables’, and the company has assured that it also has in mind “improve” your smart watch Galaxy Gear.gear
So the CEO of Samsung, Kwon Oh Hyun, has revealed it in an event called Analyst Day in Korea of the South, in which the firm has presented financial data.
Apart from promising those folding screens, the directors of Samsung also has stressed that “the interest that has company in the market of the ‘real ‘smartwatch is not casual”. For this reason, Samsung will continue to invest efforts in improving its product Galaxy Gear because there is “much to improve”.
In this way, the South Korean manufacturer has hinted that in the future there may be place for future versions of your smart watch. One of the upcoming novelties of the Galaxy Gear, as already revealed few weeks ago, the company will be the incorporation of a flexible display, which will “throughout 2014”, according to the Asian medium Newsis citing statements by the CEO of Samsung in Analyst Day.

Flex, Curved Mobile LG G Is Also Flexible

The mobile Korean LG, G Flex, presented in late October will not just be a curved mobile but it is flexible. Thus has been shown in a video in the a man pressed the mobile and it loses its curved shape.

They are only 15 seconds of demonstration in which the G-Flex is the screen on the table and someone pushing it by flexing it.

The Verge has pointed out that it is a video provided by LG that demonstrate this incipient flexibility. Other sites are running it is from an anonymous user.

The G-Flex is a terminal screen OLED flexible 6-inch and curve. It has a processor Snapdragon 800 quad-core runs at 2.26 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. Your camera is 13 MP and weighs 1787 grams.

As he has wanted to demonstrate LG, your G-Flex is not only curved but it can be twisted. This would be one of the big differences between this model and its direct competition Round, Samsung Galaxy. The curve on the screens of these devices also differs. In the case of LG curvature is vertical and round it is horizontal.

Flexibility and curvature of the screen in these cases does not makes a huge difference in terms of user experience. However, it is a first step for the development of display that can bend and twist according to the taste of the user.

HTC One Max: Specs and Demo video

HTC has shown their new Desire models, as well as the ‘phablet’ HTC One Max in Madrid. 5.9-Inch screen has a definition of 349 pixels per inch and resolution is Full HD. For its part, the battery is of a considerable size: 3300 mAh.
Assemble a Snapdragon processor 600 quad – core to 1.7 GHz, with 2GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of internal storage (expandable with microSD up to 64GB and 50 GB free on Google Drive for two years). It also comes with BoomSound speakers good audio quality offered in the original HTC One.
In terms of features, it will come with version 5.5 of Sense, typical of HTC Android user interface. Will also feature the latest version of BlinkFeed (now you can add own RSS, as well as new social networks who join Twitter (NYSE: TWTR – News) and Facebook (NasdaqGS: FB – News), Instagram, Tumblr and Google (NasdaqGS: GOOG – News) +) and HTC Zoe, ‘software’ for photos and company automatic video editing.
Aside from its size and inherited characteristics from other models, the HTC One Max attention to have built-in fingerprint reader to unlock the terminal. Unlike the iPhone 5S, this phone takes the reader on the rear side of the housing, just below the camera lens. As you can see in this demo, fingerprint reading works supporting the finger on the reader or sliding it over it.