Six-Guns: Tricks for iOS Game

Six-Guns for iOS

And here comes the surprise today. Six Guns is one of stronger and more risky Gameloft for iOS bets. And it is that, for the first time, you can enjoy a game of the West full, full of game options and what is best, huge. In Six Guns, we explore an open world set in the Wild West, full of mysteries, towns and dangerous enemies. The argument us invite to become a fugitive unjustly accused of murder, having to roam the vast Arizona and neighboring Oregon (United States) in search of wealth and revenge. But be careful…There is a wrong latent in these lands, and is that as they say, at night and in remote places, living supernatural creatures… Six Guns is, so that we understand it, the equivalent of Red Dead Redemption, adapted to iOS, with all that it means. Players can enjoy a vast world of free movement, where we will have to accept missions of the different characters (up to 40 different) and thus unlock various objects, horses, or weapons that we will be able to find and use. It is a long, very powerful game technically (if to take a version of Red Dead Redemption for Wii would be something like this) and full of secrets to discover. A mandatory application that will help us to think that the barriers between portable devices and desktop consoles, no longer exist.

For the more advance players and those who want to more fast in the game, you can use a Six-Guns Hack file or modded file to replace the existing file. It sort of bypass some tracking in the purchase for in game upgrades that you virtually get items for free like coins, star and health. Really fund and exciting so I suggest you go check it out. Cowboy playing and shooting has never been this fun!


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