Tricks to Get a Good “Selfie”

In recent days he has discussed much on the term “selfie”. First because it was chosen the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary of the English language and then the President of the United States Barack Obama has led a controversial “selfie”with David Cameron and the Danish Minister Helle Thorning-Schmid at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.


“Selfie”, according to the Oxford Dictionary is a picture that one takes, usually with a ‘smartphone’ or ‘webcam’, and that hangs in a web of social media.

In this case, the “selfie” itself has not been seen in social networks, but yes a snapshot external that captures the moment. Despite the controversy, there are several rules that it is advisable to follow when it comes to shooting a self-portrait with a ‘smartphone’, as it is a resource used in the photographs of profiles on social networks. “People with pictures in their profiles has eleven times more likely to be seen,” said Yumi Wilson, of the Department of communication of Linkedin.

If the user has a smartphone as Nokia Lumia 1020, 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, iPhone will already have half the work done, because all of these mobile have camera with very good quality. But this is not the only thing and neither prevents that ‘selfies’ can be taken with other phones.


Rule one: no to the “lips”
According to Readwrite first thing that should be avoided is to succumb to the temptation of posing by putting the so-called “lips”. Course, this depends on what you want to photograph, but in general this pose makes it look unserious to the person doing it.
Rule two: good lighting
To avoid shadows, photographers recommend avoiding direct sun light when you are outdoors or, if you are indoors, avoid the light bulbs located on the head. Shadows are not welcome because grant harder features and eyes do not stand out. We recommend a light bulb (a window or a lamp) which lights up slightly from above and from the side to the portraits of profile. They also recommended to blend with any curtain or blind translucent light where it is very intense, they have recommended from LaptopMagazine.
Avoid using the Flash LED. If you must use it, try to configure it to make it softer (in the event that the mobile have the option). Finally, never take a “selfie” with the light behind you, source is a basic rule in photography, already that the subject being photographed (you) will be obscured.
Rule three: consider the Fund
Many times a “selfie” tries to demonstrate that the user has been in a specific site. For example, in a concert with the band in the background. It is also reasonable to have background monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, natural sites such as the Grand Canyon. What should discard any user is photograph self-portrait in the bathrooms, a messy room. This disfigures the image.
Rule four: do not look straight into the camera
ReadWrite recommends not to look straight at the camera. “Only celebrities and movie stars can do that and look good, they are running. What they mean is that pose as if it were a photo card is not correct. It is best to turn a little head and that only one ear is visible to the «shot». This creates the effect of having a thinner face and highlights cheekbones. Be careful not to hold very high (mobile) camera, since it causes the head seems disproportionate beside the body.
Rule five: take care of the Chin
The photographer Peter Hurley explained in the video “it’s all about the Chin» people when you take a photograph self-portrait tend to tilt the head back. But in doing so the Chin tends to disappear and instead appears a kind of double chin.
Hurley recommends the opposite, tilt the head slightly forward to achieve a more flattering picture. Hurley also suggests that if the person, on any picture, you want to look prettier, just needs a little seam eyes. According to the photographer, this is a trick of celebrities, who never look at the camera with eyes fully open.
Rule six: using timers and avoid the fat arm ‘syndrome’
It happens in many photographic self-portrait. To the trafficking cover more space with the camera or get as far away from it, the user stretches arm which can. As a result, arm appears in the picture, but as it is much closer to lens “fat arm syndrome” occurs. To avoid this you can use the timer mode. Many phones have this option included in their camera. If your mobile phone does not have it, you can install an application that if permitted. There are many of them such as Camera MX (Android) or Self Timer Camera (iOS). This may support the mobile on a surface and will have sufficient time to activate the «shutter», placed with the Fund and the companion you prefer and avoid that “fat arm’.
Another way of taking without having to hold the camera is with accessories such as wireless control that allows you to take pictures at a distance, such as iSnapX or Bluetooth ShutterBall. There are headphones, like the iPhone, which allows you to take pictures with the volume controls.
Rule seven: use the front camera for photos with “celebrities”
The ‘selfies’ are an instrument resorted when a person is in the street with a famous character (what has happened to the Danish Thorning-Schmid with Obama). A user does not want to miss the chance. If only the selfie will be their ally although you can always ask a third party to take the picture. In case of distrust of others, and prefer the “selfie”, take this photograph with the front camera of the mobile phone. This because both will see how will be the picture. The timing is everything in a meeting with a “celebrity” that surely won’t want to his follower to ask several pictures attempts. If he has met with Obama, and if necessary, ask the President to help him hold the mobile CNN points. If it is noce and you must use flash, ask a third party to take the photo for you.

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