Interactive Augmented Selecting Glasses Defy the Google Glass

Atheer company has challenged the Google Glass with a similar device, but that allows the user to interact with augmented reality. “Our glasses will change the experience of the user, the computer and games definitely”, it has assured the company.
Atheer has released a video that shows what the user may perform with their interactive augmented reality glasses: from passing leaves a timetable up to play a game in 3D. A type of activities which, however, are not within the reach of the popular Google Glass due to the limitation that supposes the same screen.
These sunglasses in Atheer include the latest version of augmented reality and have been released on a campaign through Indiegogo this Thursday in order to obtain financing, with a goal of $100,000.
In the same campaign the company indicates that sunglasses are very light with a weight of 75 grams, a definition equivalent to 26 inch a ‘tablet’ 3D and has a system capable of supporting 800,000 Android applications.

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