ASUS Officially Introduces the ROG Poseidon GTX 780

A few weeks ago erupted some images by ASUS that indicated that they were working on a new model of graphics card of the Poseidon range based on the GTX 780, a series that emerged during the last Computex with a model based on the 770 GTX that finally did not see the light.

We surprised a little that this new Poseidon GTX 780 came with a GTX 780 chip and not of the newest GTX 780Ti with more CUDA Cores, so even it was possible that they were of a prototype as in the case of the GTX 770 version. However we were wrong and the company has just officially presented its new graphics card.

6066-1It’s a graphics card based on the chip of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, with a custom design of the PCB with DIGI + technology for a better and more stable power delivery to the GPU and memories with their 10 phases in the VRM. Your sink is DirectCU 2 H2O, a hybrid version of the famous DirectCU company with heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU copper.

You can use liquid cooling to operate thanks to its input and output of liquid, but also includes two fans for cooling block of dissipation to the mode of operation by air, or even combine both systems to further enhance the capability of this new graphics card. 7 Degrees less than the models of reference are achieved only with air cooling, and with air cooling this figure increases to 24 degrees that we managed to reduce to the conventional models.

Therefore, this ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 780 offers 2304 CUDA Cores with a speed of 1006 MHZ and 3 GB of RAM GDDR5 memory running at 6008 MHz with a 384-bit memory interface.

It will be released worldwide before the end of this year, that Yes, the preferred price is still a mystery.


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