Who love platform games do not have reason to complain, we have had a year full of great games, but almost all of them from a 2D perspective, having been nearly relegated to oblivion the three-dimensional. Contrast, developed by Canadians Compulsion Games, unites in an original adventure best of both proposals, the 2D and 3D, platforms and mixed it with numerous puzzles, is we have to move points of light to create new shades, with which we can interact into one.

The atmosphere is one of their strengths, as you can see in each of your images. Jazz, cabaret and film noir in a French town in the 1920s, where we play at Dawn, the imaginary friend of a girl named Didi, who lives a complicated family situation, so we will have to help her. We have a set of platforms and puzzles, most of the latter that of the former, in which there are not even enemies, so the gameplay is very simple, and just use three buttons: one to jump, another to perform an action in which speeding up a couple of metres, which serves to break some objects and save certain distances, and the most important action, to bring us into the world of shadows.

When a wall is being illuminated by a light source, creating shadows, if we approach we can get inside of it, from a gameplay in three dimensions to control in 2D. This is the basis that underlies most of the puzzles, and we will have to move light sources in different positions to create shadows that will allow us to move forward. The puzzles are ingenious at the same time intuitive, and although it is an easy game in General, nor is it an insult to the intelligence, and raises very original situations.

Control is one of their larger black spots, is clumsy, imprecise, and situations of jumps that would be very easy, in other games here become more difficult than usual by inadequate control, which does not respond as it should. Luckily as we have already said the platforms have a secondary role on the side of the puzzles, and death it is not penalized, we reaparecemos to instantly close to the place where we have fallen. When we play the three-dimensional perspective, there are hardly any jumps, and when we are a shadow in 2D, there are many more platforms, that truth are very badly resolved, although they are simple enough times to not frustrate us.


The development is very linear, guided by history, and although we are moving through the streets of a city that apparently we can explore, if we do this we will discover that we don’t have many alternatives, a couple of alleys and some hidden collectible, which are always very easy to find. History is interesting, above the average in a platform game, the atmosphere is sensational, both visual and sound, and the puzzles posed by us are well designed, sometimes with situations especially imaginative using the play of light and shadows.


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