Six-Guns: Tricks for iOS Game

Six-Guns for iOS

And here comes the surprise today. Six Guns is one of stronger and more risky Gameloft for iOS bets. And it is that, for the first time, you can enjoy a game of the West full, full of game options and what is best, huge. In Six Guns, we explore an open world set in the Wild West, full of mysteries, towns and dangerous enemies. The argument us invite to become a fugitive unjustly accused of murder, having to roam the vast Arizona and neighboring Oregon (United States) in search of wealth and revenge. But be careful…There is a wrong latent in these lands, and is that as they say, at night and in remote places, living supernatural creatures… Six Guns is, so that we understand it, the equivalent of Red Dead Redemption, adapted to iOS, with all that it means. Players can enjoy a vast world of free movement, where we will have to accept missions of the different characters (up to 40 different) and thus unlock various objects, horses, or weapons that we will be able to find and use. It is a long, very powerful game technically (if to take a version of Red Dead Redemption for Wii would be something like this) and full of secrets to discover. A mandatory application that will help us to think that the barriers between portable devices and desktop consoles, no longer exist.

For the more advance players and those who want to more fast in the game, you can use a Six-Guns Hack file or modded file to replace the existing file. It sort of bypass some tracking in the purchase for in game upgrades that you virtually get items for free like coins, star and health. Really fund and exciting so I suggest you go check it out. Cowboy playing and shooting has never been this fun!


Interactive Augmented Selecting Glasses Defy the Google Glass

Atheer company has challenged the Google Glass with a similar device, but that allows the user to interact with augmented reality. “Our glasses will change the experience of the user, the computer and games definitely”, it has assured the company.
Atheer has released a video that shows what the user may perform with their interactive augmented reality glasses: from passing leaves a timetable up to play a game in 3D. A type of activities which, however, are not within the reach of the popular Google Glass due to the limitation that supposes the same screen.
These sunglasses in Atheer include the latest version of augmented reality and have been released on a campaign through Indiegogo this Thursday in order to obtain financing, with a goal of $100,000.
In the same campaign the company indicates that sunglasses are very light with a weight of 75 grams, a definition equivalent to 26 inch a ‘tablet’ 3D and has a system capable of supporting 800,000 Android applications.

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Tricks to Get a Good “Selfie”

In recent days he has discussed much on the term “selfie”. First because it was chosen the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary of the English language and then the President of the United States Barack Obama has led a controversial “selfie”with David Cameron and the Danish Minister Helle Thorning-Schmid at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.


“Selfie”, according to the Oxford Dictionary is a picture that one takes, usually with a ‘smartphone’ or ‘webcam’, and that hangs in a web of social media.

In this case, the “selfie” itself has not been seen in social networks, but yes a snapshot external that captures the moment. Despite the controversy, there are several rules that it is advisable to follow when it comes to shooting a self-portrait with a ‘smartphone’, as it is a resource used in the photographs of profiles on social networks. “People with pictures in their profiles has eleven times more likely to be seen,” said Yumi Wilson, of the Department of communication of Linkedin.

If the user has a smartphone as Nokia Lumia 1020, 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, iPhone will already have half the work done, because all of these mobile have camera with very good quality. But this is not the only thing and neither prevents that ‘selfies’ can be taken with other phones.


Rule one: no to the “lips”
According to Readwrite first thing that should be avoided is to succumb to the temptation of posing by putting the so-called “lips”. Course, this depends on what you want to photograph, but in general this pose makes it look unserious to the person doing it.
Rule two: good lighting
To avoid shadows, photographers recommend avoiding direct sun light when you are outdoors or, if you are indoors, avoid the light bulbs located on the head. Shadows are not welcome because grant harder features and eyes do not stand out. We recommend a light bulb (a window or a lamp) which lights up slightly from above and from the side to the portraits of profile. They also recommended to blend with any curtain or blind translucent light where it is very intense, they have recommended from LaptopMagazine.
Avoid using the Flash LED. If you must use it, try to configure it to make it softer (in the event that the mobile have the option). Finally, never take a “selfie” with the light behind you, source is a basic rule in photography, already that the subject being photographed (you) will be obscured.
Rule three: consider the Fund
Many times a “selfie” tries to demonstrate that the user has been in a specific site. For example, in a concert with the band in the background. It is also reasonable to have background monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, natural sites such as the Grand Canyon. What should discard any user is photograph self-portrait in the bathrooms, a messy room. This disfigures the image.
Rule four: do not look straight into the camera
ReadWrite recommends not to look straight at the camera. “Only celebrities and movie stars can do that and look good, they are running. What they mean is that pose as if it were a photo card is not correct. It is best to turn a little head and that only one ear is visible to the «shot». This creates the effect of having a thinner face and highlights cheekbones. Be careful not to hold very high (mobile) camera, since it causes the head seems disproportionate beside the body.
Rule five: take care of the Chin
The photographer Peter Hurley explained in the video “it’s all about the Chin» people when you take a photograph self-portrait tend to tilt the head back. But in doing so the Chin tends to disappear and instead appears a kind of double chin.
Hurley recommends the opposite, tilt the head slightly forward to achieve a more flattering picture. Hurley also suggests that if the person, on any picture, you want to look prettier, just needs a little seam eyes. According to the photographer, this is a trick of celebrities, who never look at the camera with eyes fully open.
Rule six: using timers and avoid the fat arm ‘syndrome’
It happens in many photographic self-portrait. To the trafficking cover more space with the camera or get as far away from it, the user stretches arm which can. As a result, arm appears in the picture, but as it is much closer to lens “fat arm syndrome” occurs. To avoid this you can use the timer mode. Many phones have this option included in their camera. If your mobile phone does not have it, you can install an application that if permitted. There are many of them such as Camera MX (Android) or Self Timer Camera (iOS). This may support the mobile on a surface and will have sufficient time to activate the «shutter», placed with the Fund and the companion you prefer and avoid that “fat arm’.
Another way of taking without having to hold the camera is with accessories such as wireless control that allows you to take pictures at a distance, such as iSnapX or Bluetooth ShutterBall. There are headphones, like the iPhone, which allows you to take pictures with the volume controls.
Rule seven: use the front camera for photos with “celebrities”
The ‘selfies’ are an instrument resorted when a person is in the street with a famous character (what has happened to the Danish Thorning-Schmid with Obama). A user does not want to miss the chance. If only the selfie will be their ally although you can always ask a third party to take the picture. In case of distrust of others, and prefer the “selfie”, take this photograph with the front camera of the mobile phone. This because both will see how will be the picture. The timing is everything in a meeting with a “celebrity” that surely won’t want to his follower to ask several pictures attempts. If he has met with Obama, and if necessary, ask the President to help him hold the mobile CNN points. If it is noce and you must use flash, ask a third party to take the photo for you.

Appears a New Tablet with Windows 8.1, ASUS M80TA

Manufacturers are prepared to display their products at the upcoming international fairs and it is inevitable that leaking information of many of them.
Yesterday we saw leaked ASUS PadFone X and today a new filtering affects a new product of the company. We talked about the ASUS M80T, an 8-inch tablet that will integrate Windows 8.1 desktop version. To do this you need a processor supporting x 86 and seems that the chosen has been an Intel quad-core Z3740 belonging to the new generation Intel Bay Trail family and low consumption.

You will be accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB storage space (think that there will also be a 32 GB capacity model).

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ASUS Officially Introduces the ROG Poseidon GTX 780

A few weeks ago erupted some images by ASUS that indicated that they were working on a new model of graphics card of the Poseidon range based on the GTX 780, a series that emerged during the last Computex with a model based on the 770 GTX that finally did not see the light.

We surprised a little that this new Poseidon GTX 780 came with a GTX 780 chip and not of the newest GTX 780Ti with more CUDA Cores, so even it was possible that they were of a prototype as in the case of the GTX 770 version. However we were wrong and the company has just officially presented its new graphics card.

6066-1It’s a graphics card based on the chip of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, with a custom design of the PCB with DIGI + technology for a better and more stable power delivery to the GPU and memories with their 10 phases in the VRM. Your sink is DirectCU 2 H2O, a hybrid version of the famous DirectCU company with heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU copper.

You can use liquid cooling to operate thanks to its input and output of liquid, but also includes two fans for cooling block of dissipation to the mode of operation by air, or even combine both systems to further enhance the capability of this new graphics card. 7 Degrees less than the models of reference are achieved only with air cooling, and with air cooling this figure increases to 24 degrees that we managed to reduce to the conventional models.

Therefore, this ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 780 offers 2304 CUDA Cores with a speed of 1006 MHZ and 3 GB of RAM GDDR5 memory running at 6008 MHz with a 384-bit memory interface.

It will be released worldwide before the end of this year, that Yes, the preferred price is still a mystery.

Deadfall Adventures

imagesIn the wake of the genre on the consoles and other heroes of the cinema and television, this action-adventure game comes to PC. The game will take place in 1938, and we control James Lee Quatermain as escort to an agent of the U.S. Government to try to recover an artifact ancestral, called “the heart of Atlantis” of an Egyptian Temple until the nazis do.




Videos of Deadfall Adventures:

The Jungle

The Arctic

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Who love platform games do not have reason to complain, we have had a year full of great games, but almost all of them from a 2D perspective, having been nearly relegated to oblivion the three-dimensional. Contrast, developed by Canadians Compulsion Games, unites in an original adventure best of both proposals, the 2D and 3D, platforms and mixed it with numerous puzzles, is we have to move points of light to create new shades, with which we can interact into one.

The atmosphere is one of their strengths, as you can see in each of your images. Jazz, cabaret and film noir in a French town in the 1920s, where we play at Dawn, the imaginary friend of a girl named Didi, who lives a complicated family situation, so we will have to help her. We have a set of platforms and puzzles, most of the latter that of the former, in which there are not even enemies, so the gameplay is very simple, and just use three buttons: one to jump, another to perform an action in which speeding up a couple of metres, which serves to break some objects and save certain distances, and the most important action, to bring us into the world of shadows.

When a wall is being illuminated by a light source, creating shadows, if we approach we can get inside of it, from a gameplay in three dimensions to control in 2D. This is the basis that underlies most of the puzzles, and we will have to move light sources in different positions to create shadows that will allow us to move forward. The puzzles are ingenious at the same time intuitive, and although it is an easy game in General, nor is it an insult to the intelligence, and raises very original situations.

Control is one of their larger black spots, is clumsy, imprecise, and situations of jumps that would be very easy, in other games here become more difficult than usual by inadequate control, which does not respond as it should. Luckily as we have already said the platforms have a secondary role on the side of the puzzles, and death it is not penalized, we reaparecemos to instantly close to the place where we have fallen. When we play the three-dimensional perspective, there are hardly any jumps, and when we are a shadow in 2D, there are many more platforms, that truth are very badly resolved, although they are simple enough times to not frustrate us.


The development is very linear, guided by history, and although we are moving through the streets of a city that apparently we can explore, if we do this we will discover that we don’t have many alternatives, a couple of alleys and some hidden collectible, which are always very easy to find. History is interesting, above the average in a platform game, the atmosphere is sensational, both visual and sound, and the puzzles posed by us are well designed, sometimes with situations especially imaginative using the play of light and shadows.